Landscaping Maintenance


We have the skills, experience and knowledge to keep your home and garden looking great all year long. Our professionally designed landscaping increases your property value, reduces utility bills, improves air quality, reduces stress levels and provides a better overall experience for your home. We specialize in weekly and bi-weekly cuts, spring and fall clean ups, weed control and tree and shrub maintenance. Our property Maintenance services include: grass cutting, hedge and shrub trimming, weeding, edging of flowers, cleanups of clipping/debris and cleanups of walkways/driveways.


"Grass , Ice or Snow we are on the GO."
Optimum Porperty Maintenance


Landscape Maintenance

Profesional Snow remowalOur goal at Optimum Property Maintenance is to provide our clients with a high level of customer service, latest equipment and trained professionals that can make your house a home. We will begin the spring season with a clean up; weekly lawn cutting and end the season with a fall clean up to prepare your property for the winter months.

Fall Fertilization

Profesional Snow remowalLate fall fertilizing is a crucial last step in lawn care programs north of the transition zone. Although the exact timing can vary due to weather conditions, the final fertilizer application should be made sometime in November - when the grass stops growing or slows down to the point of not needing to be mowed, but before the ground freezes. Another advantage to fall fertilization is that weed problems are usually less severe come the spring, Optimum Property Maintenance can prepare your lawn for the winter months so that you can benefit and have a beautiful lawn come spring. Our services can help to replenish the nutrients that have been drained over the summer months and give your lawn a healthy start for the hibernation of winter. Lawns can severely suffer from being neglecting, resulting in brown spots and patches in the spring. Our fall fertilization service will have your lawn looking green and healthy for spring.

Lawn Care

Profesional Snow remowalLawn care is highly important to any homeowner, and by just making a minimal investment in professional landscaping services can help improve the overall quality of one’s home. Professional landscaping increases: property and curb appeal (according to Real Estate Appraisers), property value and get a higher return on your investment. Our lawn care services include: lawn maintenance, fertilizer, seeding, and weed control and prevention.

Hedge Cutting

Profesional Snow remowalCutting your hedges on a regular basis will ensure your hedges are strong, health and make your home look great. Optimum Property Maintenance has hedge cutting services, which are conducted by a professionally trained staff. Our hedge cutting equipment and tools are top quality and our professionals will do the job right and we always clean-up anything that gets cut and bag it properly. Properly cut and maintained hedges provide a great sleek and sophisticated look to your home that is pleasing to the eye and will add value to your property.

Landscape Design-Build

Profesional Snow remowalOptimum Property Maintenance offers full plant materials sales and installation services. We will fill your gardens with quality plant materials such as flowers, trees and shrubs. We deal with local nurseries that provide us with the top plant materials and we will keep trees and shrubs healthy and full, pruning and shaping to offer the opportunity for new growth and controlling size. Edging is an effective and attractive way to separate your garden beds, paving and other garden features from your lawn. A great landscape design creates a wonderful presentation for your home and is a great return on your investment..

Leaf Raking

Profesional Snow remowalThe fall season comes with many the changes in whether and many leaves. Trees that surround your property will need maintenance in the Fall due to the falling leaves which will have to be removed and raked to ensure the beauty of your home and ensure your lawn is protected for the winter. Our professional team will rake and bag your leaves, as well as debris including branches. We will bag them accordingly and place them by your property wall or curb or how you specify, ready for pick up. Why waste your last days of good weather raking leaves? Our team will take care of it for you and leave you home and lawn clean and protected for the cold season.

Yard Clean-up

Profesional Snow remowalKeeping your lawn and garden clean and healthy starts at the beginning of every season. The spring clean up will involve the removal of branches, leaves and debris. The fall clean up will help prepare your property for the winter months. The final cute and clean up of any leaves or debris will help prevent your lawn from being smothered over the winter. We will tailor a plan that best suits your property needs, you may wish to have all the services we offer or specific ones that we can accommodate for. Our professional staff is dedicated to cleaning up your property with the highest attention to detail, resulting in a clean and neat yard perfect for your home.

Yard Waste Removal

Profesional Snow remowalOptimum Property Maintenance provides yard waste removal services to ensure that your property is clean and tidy. Our professional staff will bag your yard waste and remove it from your property. We will satisfy your need to remove anything from a single bag of leaves to dozens of bags of yard waste to guarantee that your investment is the best that it can be..